Monday, January 17, 2005

J-L Spears To The Rescue

With all the tsunami-aid things going on all over the world I have to give it up to my girl Jamie Lynn Spears:

She is heading the effort to get kids involved with aiding the victims of the tsunami through the Do Something foundation (which sounds a lot like a Britney thing but, despite the name of the foundation matching the name of her new single, it's not). This is what Jamie Lynn had to say:

"No matter where kids are, no matter what they have available to them, they can make a difference."

My girl is dope, y'all!

In other Spears-related news, it seems that K-Fed has been seen trolling around the offices of a production company lately:

Is he trying to score a recording contract or something? We will probably find out real soon ...

Just as long as Britney doesn't get too involved with his music career, I'll be happy:

Whew! Let's hope she's not going around town trying to shop his demo tape or anything like that.