Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Shoe In

Well, well, well ... it seems that our dearest little Britney is back to her old tricks. I just do not understand why she can't go to the bathroom before she leaves the house. Didn't her mother teach her to "go" before she gets into the car limo? I will say this for Britney, at least she's not traipsing around town barefoot anymore:

But, geeze-louise what is going on with her ankle?! I could make a really gross scabies joke ... but I can't hate on my Britters even if she's got nasty-ass feet.

So yeah, anyways, after she was done with the public restroom she decided to pay a visit to a babystyle store and turn it Britney Style:

What is wrong with this woman? What made her need to stop at a maternity clothing store in order to change her clothes? Maybe she didn't make it to the public restroom in time? Maybe she pooped her pants? Who knows ... What I do know is that I thank the gods for Britney Spears every day of my blogging life. All pictures courtesy of Oh No They Didn't!

The fun gang at ONTD also sniffed out this picture of Marc Anthony and his wife Jennifer Lopez. I wonder if she knows that her husband is a zombie?

This man is hideous! Jennifer looks so good in this picture. I love her shoes. Man, can someone please explain to me why in hell she married him? Those wacky celebs ...

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the new Tori Amos album The Beekeeper over the weekend and while I am still absorbing its wonderfulness here is a new promo picture from The Dent:

I'm so excited that Tori is back with new music ... a new book ... and hopefully soon, a new tour!

The 4th season of American Idol begins tonight and to celebrate I present to you Paula Abdul's boobs:

I have never really been a fan of American Idol so I am really over all of the hype. I doubt I'll even spend any time watching the auditions ... well, maybe just a little bit of time if I flip back and forth ... or something.

Here is a new picture from Batman Begins:

Looks good ... I can't wait for June! Check out some more photos HERE. [link via goldenfiddle]

Here are MORE Madonna Versace pictures:

Damn, how many of them are there?!

Here are a couple more Channing Tatum pictures:

No, these aren't Abercrombie pictures ... but I know when I go hunting I like to do it sans pants.

And now, let's do the news:
So last night on The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2 the final teams were shore up for the final mission next week:

The girls are so screwed! I totally had no idea that the guys threw the mission just to keep Arissa on the girl's team. The girls don't have a chance in HELL of winning the final prize. I have to admit, I'm disappointed with this challenge. It hasn't been as interesting as previous challenges. I say get this one over with quick and bring on the new challenge. I miss Trashelle.

Tonight, we are going to see the Scissor Sisters:

Well, I hope we are going to see the Scissor Sisters. We have been planning on going to this show for ages and still haven't gotten tickets. I'll be pissed if we miss out. I am counting on Jake Shears getting all wet and nasty on stage like he usually does. Count on pix if we go ... count on major bitching if we don't.