Thursday, February 03, 2005

K-Fed Up

Holy Cheetos! Someone has decided to fly the coup for a nightly jaunt with his homeskillets. K-Fed was seen about town rollin' with da homies without his wife in tow. I'm not sure if these pictures were taken while Kevvy was in Las Vegas getting lapdances from strippers or if they are more recent shots of him about town ... irregardless he looks pretty happy with his boyz:

Britney, meanwhile, is left home alone with ratty-looking hair and, ahem, no clothing:

WTF?! She is a multi-millionaire and she's the one left home alone?! I am no fan of Kevin Freeloader so I'm hoping that she wises up real soon. See more pix of semi-nude Britney at The Superficial. Holla atcha NSFW nips!