Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Year In Jake

I've been looking thru all the pictures that I posted this year in the hopes of coming up with some sort of cohesive way to do a 2005 Year End Wrap Up post and found it very difficult to pick a reasonable number of pictures to represent the year. I realized that I posted tons of pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal this year so I thought it would be fun to revisit my favorite Jakey poo pictures of 2005 ... I'm sure you'll remember some of these ... here are my faves:

We were seeing the first images from Brokeback Mountain way back in February of '05:

Then in April, Jake was walking around with a shaved head -- he was shooting Jarhead at the time:

Then came the infamous "karate photoshoot" ... I've been told that these pictures work very well as a screensaver for your computer:

When summer hit ... and so did the hotness ... Jake picked up a new hobby and we were all treated to a wet and shirtless Jakey poo:

Thankfully ... he surfed a lot this summer:

There were rumors that Jake and Kirsten Dunst were together, then they were supposedly broken up ... who knows if they were together or not but they really did seem to enjoy each other's company:

Surfing wasn't the only sport that Jake indulged in this summer ... he spent some time hitting around the ol' softball:

Ahh ... those were good days.

There was a time when I was sure that Kirsten and Jake were gonna make it all official:

But, that never happened ... sometime this fall they were no longer seen hanging out ... they might really be dunzo this time.

In August, the trailer for Brokeback Mountain came out and we got our first look at the hot man love that was to follow:

Brokeback Mountain had it's world premiere at the Venice Film Festival ... as you may remember, it won the top award, The Golden Lion, at the festival:

There were a few PITNB pictures where Jake was seen "talking" to other people ... here is one of my favorites, Jake and Amber Tamblyn talking about his work on Brokeback:

Jake was just smokin' hot at the press conference for Jarhead ... these pictures had to be posted again:

And finally, in November Jakey added a new member to his family, his puggle named Boo:

It was a great year in Jakey-ness ... here's hoping that 2006 will be just as hot!