Friday, January 06, 2006

Into The Desert

On a spur of the moment decision at about noontime yesterday (Thurs. Jan 5), the couple drove across the desert on the I-15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in two SUVs. "Britney is one of the world's worst flyers. She just doesn't like planes," one of her relatives told me. So brother Bryan took the plane and Britney, Kevin, new-born babe Sean Preston and a new nanny (plus requisite drivers and bodyguards) took almost 6 hours to journey from Malibu. Britney told me "It was so windy, we just couldn't go any faster. It wouldn't have been safe."

Uh ... yeah ... Spederline have fled to Sin City to reconnect with one another and they brought Britney's family with them:

Papa Spears is not lookin' too hot but the whole family is in Las Vegas. What is interesting about this news it that while the article contends that Britney Spears is officially back for now with husband Kevin Federline and the couple are celebrating in Vegas this weekend! it goes on to say As you will no doubt notice, though, while we observed them being casually couple-like throughout the evening, Britney and Kevin still avoided posing for any "second Honeymoon" type shots together ... "It's definitely an on-and-off relationship between Britney and Kevin," one of her closest friends confided to me. "It certainly was off the last time, when he was here by himself. But today, it's definitely on. However, their relationship is much like a hurricane. You know that one is coming. You just dont know exactly when, and how much damage it's going to cause when it does!" [Source]

What is also interesting is that all of this reporting comes from Robin Leach, Mr. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous himself. Apparently, Britney is a fan of Robin Leach: Sipping on grapefruit juice, Britney laughed with me about how different my English accent was from her Louisiana accent. "I grew up watching you on Lifestyles," she told me. " I always wanted to live like that!" she laughed. Sometimes dreams do come true.

Er ... yeah ... the whole article is very interesting to read ... as much as Robin Leach talks about how "together" Britney and Kevin are you can't help but get the feeling that he's just spinning what's really going on in the best possible light.

We'll see ... the whole thing is so weird!