Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 Was The New Pink

What a crazy year it's been ... 2005 was THE most goss filled year I can remember ... everything crazy that could happen happened ... it was an amazing fun year to blog about ... here are my fave moments of 2005 ...

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced they were divorcing at the end of 2004 speculation started to stir about what could cause the "perfect couple" to want to separate ... I deduced it was over babies ...

... and if you look back at the way the year played out ... I think I was right. As soon as enough time had elapsed, Brad Pitt hooked up with Angelina Jolie in public places ... he was obviously enamored of her little boy Maddox:

The new family got along so well that they decided to bring another little member into the fold ... Angelina adopted a new child this year -- Zahara:

By year's end, Brad had filed adoption papers to become the legal father to Angelina's children ... it seems clear to me why he opted out of a life with Jen and into a life with Angelina. Oh, the fact that Angelina is hot as hell prolly had something to do with it too.

Paris Hilton had a fun year ... in February her Sidekick II got hacked all her personal mobile phone bizznazz spread like wild fire on the InterWeb ... here are some of the pictures that were taken from her Sidekick:

I have to admit, that was a fun weekend ... I called a few of the numbers in Paris' address book ... I managed to get Lindsay Lohan's voicemail (which is still saved on my computer). Ah ... that was fun.

Paris picked up a new pooch in March ... a boy chihuahua named Bambi to go along with her beloved Tinkerbell:

By the end of the year she had ditched both of these dogs in lieu of 2 new Japanese dogs.

Paris parted ways with her B.F.F. Nicole Richie and tried out a few new sidekicks before settling on her new B.F.F. Kimberly Stewart ... which gave us COUNTLESS hours of laughs any time this girl went out in public:

Do I really need to say anything more about Miss Stewart?

Paris (female) spent most of the year in love with and engaged to Paris (male) but in the end decided he wasn't the guy for her ... so she dumped him and stole Mary Kate Olsen's boyfriend Stavros Niarchos:

Yes ... Paris Hilton was tres busy in 2005.

Tom Cruise had a banner year ... what with the getting crazy and all ... who can forget his momentous visit to the Oprah Winfrey Show?

Yessir, Tom Cruise let loose his Scientological inner self and basically went ape shit all year long. He decided he was madly in love with the dear, sweet Katie Holmes and professed his undying love for her in May ...

... which of course spurned on a horrible outbreak of herpes all over her face.

Undaunted by her malady, Tom proposed to Katie, er excuse me, Kate Holmes and TomKat was born:

Kate ended up getting "pregnant" but it still remains to be seen whether or not she'll actually have the supposed baby -- I've been suspicious since the onset of the pregnancy ... 2006 will eventually show us how the whole TomKitten thing will work out ... but one thing is for sure ... Tom Cruise was the big cruiseazy joke of the year:

2005 saw the birth of the SkeletwinsTM ... when Paris Hilton cast aside Nicole Richie, she hooked up with a new B.F.F. Lindsay Lohan and history was made:

The girls got insanely skinny and were seen out and about every other day:

Lindsay had a banner year on her own ... she got in 1 accident ...

... and then another ...

Fortunately, she escaped harm in both instances ... you just can't keep a good Hollywood "It" girl down!

2005 was a year of hoopla galore ... Martha Stewart got sprung from prison:

David and Victoria Beckham had another baby ... Cruz Beckham:

Oh and Becks was super hot as usual ...

Ryan Phillippe was smokin' hot in 2005 too ...

... do I lie???

In 2005, celebrities spent a lot of time with their pants open or down ... like Matt LeBlanc ...

... and Jude Law:

Celebrities went thru some rough times in '05 as well ... like Kate Moss ...

... and America's Sweetheart couple, the supposedly-everlasting Newlyweds, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson:

Their love just couldn't survive Papa Joe's interference. Well, better luck in 2006, guys.

The word Irregardless had a banner year ...

... it's mere appearance always brought on a firestorm of debate (It's a real word! It's not a real word!). You gotta love the nerdy word love!

In conclusion ... it must be said that 2005 was the best year ever ...

Pink is the new Blog is truly La Bella Vita!