Friday, December 30, 2005

Going, Going ...

Whoa ... if you thought the release of Kevin Federline's first single was scary, wait until you get a load of this ... it appears that the Spederline sex tape does exist -- and can be yours for a mere $1,000,000:

The good news is that shipping for this item is only $5. If this auction is to be believed, here is what you're gonna get for your $1 million: [A] SEX tape of Britney Spears and her husband Kevin Federline. This is NOT a joke this is the real deal and the public will not be disappointed. This will be the most talked about and watched sex video of all time. Move over Pam & Tommy Lee and say good night to one night in Paris, they got nothing on Brit & Kev this tape has it all. I'm not sure how much I believe the authenticity of this auction, especially since the listing goes on to say: Britny clams there is no such video but she is just in denial ... Uh ... yeah. Does anyone want to loan me $999,980? [Source, thanks Kristin]

While we wait to see if this Spederline sex tape actually comes out we can rest assured that K-Fed's debut single will be released tomorrow night at midnight PST. Kevin released another one of his personal My Space bulletins yesterday:

The anticipation is killing me ... hopefully the music won't. [Source]

UPDATE: Yahoo! Music has added PopoZ√£o to their webpage:

It's still not available for sale but you can hear a full 30 second sample of the song. [Source, thanks Chris]

Uh ... it looks like someone really took the impact of seeing Brokeback Mountain to heart ... and a bit too far:

Lord, the lengths that David Beckham will go to just to make a statement! You just know that Becks talked Victoria into dressing up like cowboys so they could go home and play. Man, I wish he could quit her. [Source]

Victoria Beckham hasn't just been running around town playing cowboys with her hubby, she has also been spending time with her favorite ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell:

Ginger Spice is gettin' pretty big ... isn't she due to have her baby sometime soon? It's nice to see washed up 90's pop stars get together to reminisce about the glory days. I think the Spices met up with the ladies from Hanson to do the Achey Breaky Heart later on in the evening. [Source]

Mariah Carey's album The Emancipation of Mimi is the #1 album of 2005. Mimi beat 50 Cent in album sales by 32,000 copies. Congratulations!!! To celebrate, Mariah grabbed a couple of friends for a night on the town in Aspen, CO:

Unfortch her friends were totally ashamed to be seen in public with her ... damn, with an outfit like that who can blame them? I don't know what part of her outfit I hate the most ... Christian Dior should be ashamed of themselves for those boots. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan has been seen all over the country in the past few days ... she was in NYC, then she was in LA shopping at The Grove ...

... then she was back in NYC for about 2 seconds before flying down to Florida. [Source]

Here are pictures of L. Lo hitting a club in South Beach, FL ... oh look, she was hanging out with LC from Laguna Beach:

Whoa ... LC looks terrible*! *I realize it's not really LC, this is the part where you laugh [Source]

After a night of clubbin' all over town, Linds decided to spend a day at the beach:

She treats us to a little boobie flash to finish out the year! Thanks Linds! [Source]

Hugh Grant has also been spending some time at the beach this week:

Our UK boy Hugh is still a little pasty, but he gets an A for Effort ... way to try to tan, Hugh! [Source]

Courtney Love and her daughter Frances Bean have been quite the "It" girls lately, here are more pictures of the pair shopping in Beverly Hills -- Court even has the requisite coffee drink from Starbucks firmly in hand!

Next thing you know we'll be seeing these 2 partying at Club Mood or LAX. Beany, you better keep an eye on your mother. [Source]

Pink reader Brooke sends in this hilarious picture of Neil Patrick Harris peeing his pants on the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland:

She was lucky enough to be on the same ride with him. I love this picture! [thanks Brooke]

OY! Here are some pictures of Tom Cruise when he was but a wee child ...

... now we know why he had to get those braces a couple of years ago. I kinda miss the not-insane Tom. [Source]

I hear that Strut magazine is Canada's Coolest Magazine ... so you can imagine how geeked I was to discover that Pink is the new Blog was named the magazine's #1 Guiltiest Pleasure:

This has been such an amazing year for me and the blog. I can never thank you all for the enormous support throughout the year. Here's to another great year in 2006!!!! [thanks Tania & Mitzi]

Last thing, Sevin the Nightclub is having another celebrity party tonight ... Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives will be in the hizzy for a pajama party:

I am gonna do my best to be there to say hello to Jesse. I'm gonna see if I can get some eyebrow tweezing tips from the lad. Maybe I'll see you there as well.

The News:
Sarah and I got to spend the whole afternoon together ... it was tres fun. We did a bit of shopping and I managed to find an outfit for New Year's Eve. Thank the gods for the after-Xmas sales! Diesel has everything on sale for 33% off, Guess is having a 50% off sale and the sale racks at Neiman Marcus are full of great finds. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Things are kinda up in the air for this evening's festivities... Erik's best friend in the world Stephanie and her hubby Steve are staying with us tonight. I'm sure they're gonna do something fun together ... I'm gonna try and wrangle someone to go with me to Sevin. We'll see what happens ...

Later on this afternoon I'll post my Year End wrap-up post ... check it out.

For now ... I am out.