Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Letter Of Truth: Eye Of The Tiger Edition

Yep ... I think Britney Spears has gone and lost her damn mind. Our dear Britney was feeling especially poetic (or drunk?) yesterday and decided to update the Love B section of her official website which is dedicated to her Streams of Consciousness (AKA her Letters of Truth). Here is the latest glimpse into what goes on inside Britney Spears' head:

Interesting ... is this a coded message meant for me? I was born in the Year of the Tiger, I come from Detroit -- home of the Detroit Tigers and it has been said that I have the Eye of the Tiger. Could Britters be reaching out to me and my mysteriousness? Is this a cry for help? Tell me, Brit ... tell me what you need me to do! [Source]

HMMMM ... it's all quite a mystery ... an intriguing mystery ... some might even say, a mysteriousness mystery.