Friday, March 16, 2007

Posse Up?

Here is our first look at the potential album cover artwork for Tori Amos' new album American Doll Posse. Because I am not able to translate the caption that accompanies this artwork I am not sure if it's the actual cover artwork or not:

Here is the caption: Dzisiaj ujawniono też oficjalną okładkę "American Doll Posse"

UPDATE: Pink reader Natalia from Gdansk, Poland was kind enough to translate the caption: The official cover of Tori Amose's "American Doll Pose" was revealed today. (Tho, is reporting that the final artwork has still not been decided yet) Pink reader Tom translates the rest of the Polish website, he writes: The article also mentions that SonyBMG Poland will release a special edition version of the album. It will include a "4-panel digipack" (not sure what that means) and a 36 page booklet. A DVD will also be included and will contain an 8 minute documentary, an interview and a bonus song called "My Posse Can Do" that will play as background music for some sort of a slide show. You will also get 5 "cards" with the album (I'm guessing that these are something along the lines of baseball cards). Apparently there are 15 different cards in total, but you will get 5 (random ones?) with each copy of the album you buy. The album comes out on April 30th and will be available as a CD, CD+DVD, 2 LP (records?) and as a digital download. Thank you, Natalia and Tom! Much thanks to readers Monika (from Warsaw, Poland), Lina, Daniela, Slava and Rose for their translations as well.

And here is the album tracklisting:

01 Yo George
02 Big Wheel
03 Bouncing off Clouds
04 Teenage Hustling
05 Digital Ghost
06 You Can Bring Your Dog
07 Mr. Bad Man
08 Fat Slut
09 Girl Disappearing
10 Secret Spell
11 Devils and Gods
12 Body and Soul
13 Father's Son
14 Programmable Soda
15 Code Red
16 Roosterspur Bridge
17 Beauty of Speed
18 Almost Rosey
19 Velvet Revolution
20 Dark Side of the Sun

According to the first review of the album, posted by my friend Spark HERE, the album sounds a bit like Tori's album of cover songs entitled Strange Little Girls ... if that is the case, then this potential artwork also seems similar to SLG. Irregardless of whether or not this is how the album artwork will turn out, I love the look so far. I love the characters that Tori takes on when she presents new material ... the Andy Warhol-ian version of Tori is scary, the gothy one is cool -- the one with the chicken is the best tho. Ah yes, that's my Tori. [Source via Source]