Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Dirty 30

Kevin Federline, who has been smellin' like a rose in recent months, had new cause to celebrate last night in Las Vegas, NV. Pure nightclub threw The Federline a 30th birthday bash so that homeboy could celebrate the occasion with all of his closest friends ... which turned out to be just his lawyer and his first babymama Shar Jackson ... and a bevvy of beauties breasts carrying in his birthday cake ... here are a few pics from K-Fed's Birthday Bash red carpet last night and then a couple pics of K-Fed enjoying his birthday cake:

Photo credit: Splash News

Even though Kevin Federline seems to have put his partying past behind him, there's one party he's still up for: His birthday bash in Las Vegas. On Friday night, Britney Spears's ex-husband took a break from parenting to ring in his 30th birthday at Pure Nightclub – the same place he celebrated his birthday last year. As he entered the club, a dapper-looking Federline – wearing a chic gray suit – said he felt "great" about turning 30. Flanked by a group of 20 pals, including his family and attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline headed straight to his VIP table where he was greeted by ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. Throughout the night, Federline and his group sang along to tunes by Jay-Z, Kanye West and other hip-hop artists. At one point, the deejay played Federline's own "Lose Control," a song familiar to the club considering its music video was shot there in 2006. Close to midnight, Federline danced on the couch at his table and held up a California license plate that read "FDRLINE", all while drinking Jack Daniels. At one point in the evening, the birthday boy grabbed the microphone for a rambling profanity-laced speech in which he encouraged everyone to have "a good time. " "I lost my voice at the craps tables and I lost all my money," he went on to say in a raspy voice, before a friend dragged him away from the mic.

Hmmm ... you have to wonder if his "20 pals" weren't just guys hired for the evening to provide security or whatever ... but really, I can't seriously hate on the guy (so much). He really has kept his act together, he stepped up to care for his children when their mother wasn't able and he seems genuinely interested in helping Britney Spears get her life back on track in whatever way he can (ie. not keeping her kids away from her). I wouldn't necessarily call myself a K-Fed fan but I can respect the man for his latest actions. It seems apropos to send out some Birthday Lurve to The Federline. As long as he stays cool with Britney AND stays out of the recording studio I can show him love. [Source]