Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pin-Up Girl

Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis has stripped off all of her clothing to pose topless on the cover of a racy new magazine -- AARP Magazine. In what could be classified as the Maxim magazine for the elderly (officially the mag calls itself the magazine for the American retired person), AARP mag thought it would be a smashing idea to feature a semi-nude JLC on its cover to give all those pace makers out there a little jolt of excitement ... check it out:

Jamie Lee Curtis has agreed to pose topless to mark her 50th birthday. The actress said she would bare all to convince older women that they can still be beautiful if they take care of their bodies. Her topless pose will appear on May's cover of the magazine of the American Association of Retired Persons ... The actress will be pictured topless in May even though her birthday falls in November.

You know what ... good for Jamie Lee Curtis for choosing to appear on a magazine cover in such a state of undress. You absolutely must respect a woman who takes pride in who she is, no matter what the "conventions of beauty" say. If Madonna can bring the sexy at 50, so can JLC. [Source]