Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cap-italizing On The Moment

Today is the big day that David Beckham will go after the 100th cap of his career in a friendly match between the English national team (which seems to have recalled Becks just for the occasion) and the French national team. Becks contends that attaining his 100th cap will not mark the end of his career, it will only mark a new beginning. The English manager seems to agree ... he's already talking about the possibility that Becks might be recalled to join the team again for the 2010 World Cup ... but first things first. Here are a couple pics of Becks warming up for a training session on Monday and then a few pics from a press conference held yesterday:

David Beckham is hopeful his 100th international appearance for England is the start of a new phase. Beckham, the former England captain, will play against France on Wednesday after being recalled by coach Fabio Capello. Beckham would become just the fifth Englishman to reach that milestone. "As much as I'm honored to be here, I want it to carry on," Beckham said Monday. "It doesn't stop here for me. It's not about 'Have your 100th game and then retire.' It's about carrying on trying to play well for my country." Beckham sat out Capello's debut win over Switzerland last month because the coach ruled that he wasn't fit enough during the Major League Soccer offseason. He's been playing preseason exhibitions for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Beckham would move within 25 appearances of the record set by England goalkeeper Peter Shilton. Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore and Billy Wright are the other former England players to have reached the century milestone. Even if this match at Stade de France proves to be his last, Beckham will be happy. "I never thought a year ago or two years ago that I would make 95 caps, never mind 100," Beckham said. "I'm honored that I'm making, hopefully, my 100th appearance in an England shirt, but I'm also honored to be doing it against one of the best teams in the world."

English manager Capello contends that he did not recall Becks to play in today's game merely for Becks to attempt his 100th cap, he contends that David Beckham will be a great asset to the team ... and that he might even bring him back in 2 years time for the World Cup:

England manager Fabio Capello has brought David Beckham back onto his team and it's nothing to do with the star reaching 100 appearances. He believes that the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder might well be wearing the same white shirt at the 2010 World Cup. "The David Beckham I know can certainly last and get to 2010 if he carries on training and working hard," said Capello, who has recalled Beckham for Wednesday's friendly against France. "I know David Beckham and what he can give me, and I think he can make the difference in some respects. I know what he can give to a team. As for the future, we will have to see. Nobody knows what the future holds." Headed for his 33rd birthday in May, Beckham knows his time as an England player has to be running out after more than a decade. But the fact that Capello is happy to recall him and then talk about the star playing in his fourth World Cup gives the Galaxy player plenty of hope for the future. "I've managed him previously and he's always been a very good professional," said Capello, who still speaks in Italian even though it's clear he understands questions in English. "Only people who are so professional can last and be at the top for so long" ... "He will play a part," Capello told reporters at England's team hotel in downtown Paris on Tuesday. "It would have been very cruel of me to make him come all the way from the U.S. and not play him."

Well, I dunno about any of this World Cup biz, all I know is that Becks must be under incredible pressure (prolly from himself) to perform today. He is going to need all the support that he can get ... [Source, Source]

... which is why his loving family have made the trek to Europe to be in the stands to lend their support today. Here are pics of Vicki B. and the Beckham boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz as they arrived in London this week ... and a couple pics of VB rockin' a pair of hawt skin-tight rubber leggings:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Ack ... I know ... I normally hate leggings but these PVC things actually look pretty good on VB. So kill me, I have a fondness for rubber ;) At any rate, I'm sure the entire Beckham brood will be very happy to cheer on daddy Becks in today's game.

Here are a few pics of Becks and the English team arriving in Paris, France yesterday ahead of the big game today:

Photo credit: Splash News

And the pressure mounts. Win or lose, I really hope that Becks achieves his goal today ... it would be the perfect venue for him to reach his 100th cap. I have no doubt that he will be able to reach the milestone at some point but wouldn't it be lovely if he was able to take care of biz today in the perfect setting at the right time? Good luck, Becks ... I'll keep my fingers crossed.