Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Hills: From Paris To LA (Well, Colorado, Actually)

WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! At long last new eps of The Hills returned to TV last night as the new mini-season (or extended season, I'm still not quite sure what they're calling it) kicked off in grand style right here in NYC. Lauren LC Conrad, Audrina Partridge and Whitney Port were joined by the utterly fabulous Mariah Carey at Gotham Hall for a premiere event called Live and Glamorous in Gotham last night in celebration of new eps of The Hills. My friend Monique and I were very lucky to be invited to celebrate with the lovely ladies of The Hills and Miss Mimi herself as well. Here are a few pics of LC, Audrina, Whitney and Mariah from last night's event:

The shindig really was a pretty swanky one ... MTV pulled out all the stops this time around ... but we'll get to that in moment. First off, let's run thru last night's 1-hour premiere ep ... [Source]


So, it's been a few months since last we saw The Hills girls doin' their respective things ... LC was having relationship trubs with Brody, Audrina was trying to find a replacement for Justin Bobby, Heidi was fed up with pressure from Spencer to get married and Whitney was running dangerously low on facial expressions. Last night's ep picked up right where the last ep left off ... LC and Whitney flew off to Paris, France in search of new men and new facial expressions (well, ok, they were really on assignment for Teen Vogue but that was just a minor plot point), Audrina stayed home (and wasn't really featured all that much in last night's ep ... tho we did get to hear her voice on the phone) and Heidi retreated back to her parent's home in Colorado to take refuge from Spencer ... and so begins the new season:

Man ... have I missed this show ... there is always so much entertainment wrapped inside each ep, I hardly know what to do with myself. You gotta love that Whitney doesn't know how to pronounce Givenchy properly -- especially when you consider that she's been working at Teen Vogue for a couple of years now :) She's cute tho and she keeps rockin' those awesome facial expressions so I can't really hate on her. The Parisian scenes were so beautifully shot ... it really made me miss that beautiful city. I was confused tho, of all the men in France, how MTV managed to scrounge up the guys that they did. Clearly, the scruffy French guitarist was the only feasible option for LC ... I mean, her options were very limited. That said, the airhead escort wins big over the poor guy with the monobrow. It's unfortch that the one hot guy was only the "tambourine player" because, really, would anyone want to fool around with the tambourine player no matter how hot he is? I wasn't really feeling the wrecked dress bit ... it seemed too obvs clich├ęd. How many of these types of stories feature a ruined dress which can be replaced at the last minute? LC did make this scenario her own tho ... she ended up thinking it'd be a good idea to tool around Paris on the back of a Vespa while wearing her equally expensive replacement dress ... in the rain. LOL. All in all, the Paris trip looked great but not at all fun ... all they did was work ... poor things. Back in the US, Feminist Hero Heidi Montag took refuge with her parents in Colorado so that she could clear her head from all the Spencer drama. You could tell by the horrible state of Speidi's condo that Heidi was the person in charge of cleaning ... and as a Feminist Hero, Heidi had had enough. I loved how in every scene that Heidi was in you could see all the make-up and bronzer that she was wearing. The matted stuff did not blend well with the snowy white background of Colorado. She would walk in out of the cold in full make-up -- I loved it! Things are off to a great start, I think. I can't wait to see the rest of the season. I'm sure y'all noted that Stephen Colletti will be showing up in the new eps (the room erupted in screams from the audience last night when his face came on the screen) so we're bound to have some great stuff ahead :) [Source]

Okay ... so the show ... because Mariah Carey's performances were filmed first, I was sure that she was going to bolt as soon as possible but it turns out that Mimi stayed in the hiz all night long, came out at various times to film some things and waited til the very end of the show to watch her performances on the big screen. Here are a few pics of Mimi on stage performing and being interviewed:

Here is a short clip from Mariah's performance of Touch My Body (IT MAY STILL BE PROCESSING BUT SHOULD BE AVAILABLE SOON):

She was really pretty amazing. In all, Mariah performed Touch My Body and We Belong Together for airing on the show ... and then she performed the song That Chick from her new album E=MC2 for streaming online at some point (the vid has not been uploaded to MTV's site yet). You'll be happy to know that she referred to us as her lambs ... it was quite an honor.

The night was fantastic ... Jason Preston (recently separated from Marc Jacobs) was there to support his friend Mariah and First Daughter Barbara Bush was also in the hiz ... but she bolted after Mimi's performance was finished. I have to send out much love to Emily from MTV for taking amazing care of us ... we had a blast, as usual. I did get to meet some of these lovely folks at the party last night ... but I'll post those pics in the personal blogpost a little later on :)