Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The TV Guide: Lamb For A Day

Last night was another of those great nights that make me feel so lucky to get to do the things I get to do. Fortunately for me my NYC trip to visit David for Easter corresponded perfectly with last night's premiere party for The Hills so I was able to attend the festivities in person. David isn't a big Hills fan so I asked Monique if she'd be interested in going with me and she was totally up for it. We arrived at the appointed time and chilled outside for a bit before the crazy hoopla got underway. As I mentioned before, Mariah Carey's performances were the first things filmed last night so that the rest of the night could be all about The Hills. Here are a few of my pics from last night's fun ... I got to chat for a bit with LC, Audrina & Whitney and, much to my amazement, got to meet and take a couple pics with Mariah Carey before the night was over:

Mimi had to do her performance of Touch My Body twice because someone at MTV asked her to, she didn't seem too pleased to have to do the performance again but, after she apologized to us lambs for the delay, churned out 3 amazing performances. The rest of the show was pretty much focused on the premiere episode, it was very cool hearing the audience reaction whenever drama stuff went down on the show ... The Hills is best watched with a group of about 200 people :) Jason Preston was seated at the table next to ours (Mo and I were seated with Tim Stack, my boy at Entertainment Weekly) and came over to say hello and compliment me on my outfit! He looked good so I complimented him -- it was a cute lovefest. After everything was done, Monique and I were ready to bolt when we ran right into Mariah Carey and her people standing by the entrance watching her performance on the big screen. We quietly waited for her to be finished and fellow blogger Micah Jesse asked her for a photo ... she obliged and then took pics with quite a few fans ... it was really cool of her to take the time, she could've just peaced out and bailed. I also noticed that Mimi was wearing a couple of really cute Hello Kitty band-aids on her right hand:

I'm not sure what happened to poor Mimi but her band-aids are really cute. She wasn't wearing band-aids on her other hand ... I know this because she accidentally stuck her fabulously manicured finger in my ear in the process of her putting her arm around for the photo. Thank the Gods I cleaned them out earlier in the day :)

I also got to meet a couple of Pink readers last night ... I want to say he to Steven (who is pictured above) and Shirley who I got to chat with for a bit with during commercial breaks.

Mo and I had a great night ... we ended up grabbing a snack at UNO before calling it a night.

I think David and I may hook up again with Monique tonight ... and then we leave for LA tomorrow afternoon. Short but sweet, NYC is always amazing.