Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dishing The Gossip

All the young stars of the breakout hit CW teen drama Gossip Girl where on hand at the Arc Light Cinema Dome this weekend to partake in a panel discussion hosted by the Paley Center. I understand my homeboy at Entertainment Weekly, Tim Stack, was the moderator for the Gossip Girl panel discussion last night so I'm sure it was a great event. Here are a few pics of the show's stars preening for the cameras before the event took place:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The GG panel discussion offered a few bits of new information about the show ... Blake Lively confessed that Serena's sleeping with Nate wasn't the real reason she left town and that more of her bad girl side will be revealed when the show returns. I understand that new character Georgina Sparks (to be played by Michelle Trachtenberg) will reveal the real reason Serena left and will spill many of Serena's deep, dark secrets when she blows into town next month. The "gay question" was raised by moderator Tim Stack but the question is avoided ... apparently, one of the male characters on the show will come out of the closet in the first new ep that airs next month. My money says it won't be any of the 3 male leads ... which means the only feasible males left are Rufus Humphrey (highly unlikely) and Serena's brother Eric van der Woodsen (ding! ding! ding!). This GG panel discussion sounds like it was fun (not as fun as the Buffy one, mind you) and there was a lot more discussed. was in the hiz last night (virtually, it seems, the Gossip Girl panel discussion was streamed online -- a PaleyFest first) and they liveblogged the entire event for your reading pleasure HERE. [Source]