Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Draw Your Own Conclusions

Wee! There is a lot of really great Britney Spears news today ... in another stroke of professional genius, Britney has decided to become an animated character in her new music video Break the Ice. Here are a few screenshots from the music video that is scheduled for release next month:

BRITNEY SPEARS has undergone a radical transformation for her latest video. In ... world exclusive screen shots you can see the troubled star has had the animation treatment. The audacious promo to forthcoming single Break The Ice is set in a futuristic world, and sees Brit depicted as a pretty, slim line superhero. And the unorthodox shoot was the star's own idea. She told label bosses she wanted a cartoon version of her celebrated Toxic clip. The track itself is released on April 14.

BRILLS! First, I love that she has never used this concept in a music video before. Second, it's reminiscent of animation used in Madonna's Music video. Third, in animated form, Britney can look as svelte and as sexy as she likes so that there will be no room for haters to talk their shizz. Gee ... isn't it really starting to feel like our good ol' Britney is back among us? Like, really this time. Things are really starting to come together lately ... it's all a very good sign of things to come. [Source]