Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Peace In The OC?

Praise Jebus! Is it possible that world peace could nearly be at hand? Life and Style magazine is reporting that former Laguna Beach: The Real OC rivals Lauren LC Conrad and Kristin Cavallari have "buried the hatchet" and called an end to the bad blood between them. Does this mean that my girl KC might even show up in the new season of The Hills on MTV?

The Hills' Lauren Conrad, 22, has extended an olive branch to former Laguna Beach rival Kristin Cavallari, 21. "Lauren invited Kristin to her recent fashion show," says an insider. "And Kristin accepted!" The girls' feud began three years ago over their Laguna co-star Stephen Colletti, 22, whom Kristin dated and Lauren liked. Could this mean Kristin will appear on The Hills after all? Nope. Adds the insider, "Kristin has said she doesn’t need to do The Hills or any reality TV anymore."

Boo! On the one hand I'm very happy that the ladies are on the fast track to BFF status but I'm bummed that Kristin may not be appearing in new eps of The Hills. It's not a matter of whether or not KC "needs" to do The Hills, it's a matter that we -- the audience -- kinda need her to be on the show. Irregardless of the fact that the girls *may* be getting along now ... there will always be the prospect that they might have a dramatic falling out again in the future ... and really, isn't that what we all lurve about The Hills? [Source]

PS: Is anyone else as geeked as I am that Lo will be more heavily featured in new eps of The Hills? Don't lie, I know that a whole lotta y'all are on Team Lo just like I am!