Monday, March 10, 2008

The TV Guide: Le GangTM Makes Its First Public Appearance

Yesterday had to be one of the funnest Sundays that I was able enjoy for some time now. Because my new blogging style frees me up a bit from having to sit at my computer for the first 4-6 hours of every day, I was able to do something yesterday afternoon that I haven't been able to do with my LA friends since I moved here ... I was able to go to brunch! Mike organized the outing and a whole mess of us got together at Toast on Third St. to brunch together. Steph and Alek (my new bosom buddies) came out, as did Jordan's friend Kiki (who we instantly loved) and even our long-lost Paul came out to hang with us (sadly, sans Corey who wasn't feeling well). We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather yesterday ... sunny and 80 ... you can't beat that. After brunch, I was persuaded by mes amis to join them by the pool for some maxin' and relaxin' ... Darion and Kirsten came with and we had a lovely day together ... here are a few pics:

After we sunned for a bit by the pool, I came home to work for a bit while Darion and Steph went for a hike at Runyon Canyon (where the pic of the two hotties came from) then a few of us met for movie and dinner at Prizzi's Piazza. The day was wonderful ... er, except for that movie that we ended up seeing. The popular vote was for Penelope and that's what we saw:

Unfortch for us the movie was pretty unwatchable. Without exaggerating too much, it had to be in the top 8 of all time bad movies I've ever seen. The movie, which tells the tale of a girl cursed with a pig nose, has a fairytale feel about it which should've been enough license for them to do the story properly ... that wasn't the case. There were minor problems (like you couldn't tell where or when the story took place) and major problems (Reese Witherspoon as a gruff streetwise-talking tough chick is even more unbelievable than the girl with the pig nose) which had me cringing the whole time (add to that ... the damn pig nose didn't even look that real! As the focal point of the entire movie, they could've made it look better, I thought). As the story started wrapping up, I had to exclaim out loud how DUMB the whole thing was ... I'm sorry, I couldn't contain myself :( I can't say a good thing about any of the acting performances ... they were all pretty bad IMHO. I was bummed that the movie was so painful to watch ... the only thing I can think is that it got made solely because Reese produced it. I simply cannot recommend it at all. I will end on a positive note ... the soundtrack was very good. I really liked the music used in the movie ... that was all I liked.

But, bad movies and bad club nights cannot cast a shadow on the amazing weekend I had with all of my friends (oh, and the Chick-Fil-A helped too). I just love them all ... I know some really great people and I'm so happy to have them in my life.