Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Au Naturale

Previously, I blogged that Celine Dion seemed extremely proud to show off her freshly shaven armpits at a recent concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan this weekend as she spent approximately 92.3% of the show with her arms raised high for all the audience to see. The only problem is that it looks like Celine spent all of her pre-concert prep time on her armpits and failed to run the razor over her legs:

Her face had been carefully made up, nails polished and outfit primped just so, but Celine Dion forgot one important thing before performing in Toyko over the weekend. It appeared the My Heart Will Go On singer had forgotten to wax her legs, with severe back lighting revealing their rather hairy state as she strutted around the stage. But despite the grooming oversight, she succeeded in wowing the crowd with a typically dazzling performance.

Meh. She can't think of everything. Thankfully it was only her hairy legs that we've been subjected to ... I shudder to think about what other parts of her body may be in dire need of pruning, as well. Yipes! [Source]