Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Ghost Of One's Former Self

As I mentioned previously, Trent Reznor has released a new collection of Nine Inch Nails music titled Ghosts I-IV exclusively online at for sale in various formats and at various price levels (including free for a portion of the collection) ... and while the first 24 hours of availability didn't go quite as smoothly as, I'm sure, Trent would've liked, things are back on track and the music is now readily available (to sum up, the demand for the new NIN music was so high that a couple of servers crashed and disallowed downloading of the tracks ... Trent joked on that, "Somebody kicked the plug out of our internets, but we're all set now."). Additionally, Trent uploaded a bunch of pics labeled as Creating Ghosts I-IV of TR and his crew in the studio working on the music ... and here are a few of my fave pics:

I have been anxious awaiting an update to the site and these new photos are really great (click HERE to see them all at the official NIN Flickr site). Trent has made it a habit of providing a look into the creation process when he is in the studio and has used the Internets to disseminate this information (whether it by via photo, .mp3 clips, video). I have always dreamed of being able to sit in the studio as Trent Reznor creates music and these photos give the audience a bit of a feel for how things go down in the studio. I am *so* loving this new instrumental NIN music ... and the rumor that NIN is going to headline Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL this summer gives me hope that they will be going on a full US tour this year. Woot! Stay tuned ... I'll try to keep an eye on this sort of news (and if any of y'all hear anything, please send it my way) and will do my best to spread the word. [Source]