Monday, March 24, 2008

Makin' The Finale

MTV hosted a big ol' Bad Boy Records party over the weekend to celebrate the season finale of Making the Band 4 but also to celebrate the release of the new Danity Kane album Welcome to the Dollhouse (which was released last Tuesday) and the debut Day26 album (aka "The Band") which is self-titled. Diddy's newest solo act, Donnie, was also in the hiz but I'm not sure his album is quite ready for release yet so you're just gonna have to be content with listening to his first single on his official My Space profile until Diddy gets his act together. The shindig itself actually went down on Saturday night but it aired on MTV Sunday night ... here are a few pics from the MTB4 Finale Event:

Ack ... is it entirely wrong that I have become completely obsessed with DK's first single Damaged? I'm not sure what it is about the song but I kinda need to hear it about 5 times in a row whenever it comes up on my iPod ... and I kinda always make sure it comes up on my iPod when I'm listening to music lately. Now, don't think I'm crazy or anything but Damaged really sticks in my head in much the same way that Rihanna's Umbrella did last year. I don't really think that DK are gonna enjoy the same success as Rihanna did but their song is effing catchy as hell and I can't get enough of it. But anyways, the show itself was pretty good ... I did watch this entire season of Making The Band if only to see what kinda of drama might come from all those young kids living and working together (and to be *entirely* honest, I was lured in by those preview commercials that showed Aubrey and Donnie hooking up -- which I now think was totally staged just to lure me in cuz I have a hard time seeing Aubrey with a little boy like Donnie at all). While I love the DK stuff, I'm not all that into the Day26 stuff. I think the Donnie stuff might be interesting, if only cuz his producer acts like a crazy mix of Prince and Björk (who wants to be Timbaland) all in one ... I want to hear more. In all of this MTB hoopla, it occurred to me that the last band that Diddy made, called Da Band, absolutely and entirely disappeared after their album got released. I was a minor fan of their first single Bad Boy This and Bad Boy That (and I really loved Babs more than I really should) and then *poof* they were gone. I wonder what happened to them ... they don't even get mentioned at all, as if they never existed in the first place. But anyways, I'm getting off point ... the moral of the story is, Danity Kane's new single Damaged kicks all ass ... the girls even performed it live on the show:

Diddy man (who brought along his adorable baby twin daughters onto the show last night) also announced that there will be, yet, another season of Making The Band ... next time we follow the kids on tour. OMG, seriously, I know I'm gonna watch cuz MTV kinda owns my soul. As much as I really miss seeing music videos on MTV, there are enough MTV2s, MTVhits', VH1classics to keep me happy on that front ... the MTV reality drama is like drug -- and I can't kick the habit. [Source]

DON'T FORGET: The new mini-season of The Hills debuts tonight :)