Sunday, March 23, 2008

The TV Guide: Eatin', Drinkin', Brawlin'

Last night was a very fun night here in NYC ... David managed to wrangle together a nice group of folks for dinner. The venue was Chanto and he managed to cull together Corynne (who I haven't seen in ages), Shane, Eden (his sister) and Monique (who I love more than cookies) for some good eats. I enjoyed a lovely dinner of lobster fried in tempura ... yeah, it was as good as it sounds. Here are a few pics of us at dinner last night and then at the after party at Vlada where we met up with Isaac and Trey for drinking fun:

I got to meet a few Pink readers at Vlada (like Francis [pictured above], Michael, Scott and Dan and others whose names I wasn't able to hear properly) and a good time was had by all ... except for that one little incident where things got a bit rowdy in David's general area ... thankfully, no one had to be hurt.

This afternoon, we hit the road to meet up with David's family for Easter brunch in Connecticut. We're always on the run ... I hope y'all are enjoying your lovely Easter Sunday :)