Saturday, March 15, 2008

The TV Guide: Karate Kidding Around ... Kinda

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with Steph and Alek for lunch in Beverly Hills so that we could take advantage of the amazing weather we've been enjoying lately. While it was really sunny, the temperature has cooled a bit and the wind started picking up. By nightfall, it got really cold and really windy ... which wasn't so bad, especially since we've been lucky enough to have some nice warm weather lately. Darion gave us some bad news so we decided that we needed to take care of him and make him forget all about his troubles ... which of course meant we needed to watch sweaty, half-nekkid men wrestle around with one another and then imbibe lots of tequila:

But before the boozin' began Steph, Darion and I went out to the AMC at Century City to watch the new movie Never Back Down:

So, you may not believe this but it turns out that this movie is actually pretty damn good. Because it's a fight movie, you're pretty much clued in as to what you're going to get ... so nothing really comes as any sort of surprise. The acting isn't anything special (altho, Djimon Honsou's performance is particularly good ... his crying scene was very moving ... tho, Sean Faris also had a crying scene but his wasn't as good). And, hello, you gotta love a film that uses the title of the movie in the dialog of the film. Yes the hotties are hot ... Sean is a cutie as is the blonde guy who kicks his ass for a large portion of the movie ... tho, blondies whole look is all forehead and lips. If you stare at him too long he starts to look like a little monkey ... a cute monkey but a monkey nonetheless. This movie is totally the Karate Kid of the You Tube generation ... complete with cheesy 80's training montages (of men crawling all over one another ... so, maybe not as cheesy as you'd expect). I'm actually a bit surprised that the film is rated PG-13 since there is a lot of violence. It felt more R to me but I guess this country thinks that violence is okay for 13 year olds. While I liked the movie over all, there were things that I didn't like ... the little brother subplot was weird and felt out of place and it was difficult to believe that these characters are all in high school but absent those complaints, it was really entertaining ... plus, many of the training and fight scenes were really, to use a line from the movie, "hotter than Satan's balls." The final fight scene was pretty awesome ... if a bit brutal. I kept waiting for someone to scream out, "Sweep the leg!" a la Karate Kid but it never happened ... well, not in the exact same way.

I would deffo tell all my friends to check out this movie ... it's really fun and worth the night out at the movies. We had a blast ... it's one of those movies I'd deff see again.

After the movie, we planned on hanging out at Pink Taco but we were brutally rebuffed -- the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful (which I love) had booked the place for a private party! Boo. I mean, it would've been cool if we could've snuck in but ... no dice. Instead we convened at Marix for the aforementioned tequila. I think we did a good job of making Darion feel better. We ended the night at O Bar only to discover it was lesbian night ... and that was our night.

Tonight, a bunch of us are getting together to celebrate St. Patrick's Day since some of us can't drink our faces off on Monday night. It shall be blast ... I can't wait.