Saturday, March 15, 2008

PITNB Readers: A Dance Team, BFFs & Brand New Twins

Here is this week's batch of photos that were sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Amber sends in a pic of her cute daughter Haylie and her dance team Purr-fect Precision who are 5th graders at Bonaire Elementary School (GO WILDCATS!) -- Alli from Atlanta, GA sends in a pic of her gorgeous niece Eliza Marie who was born to Alli's sister Suzi (who is also a Pink reader) last weekend on March 8th -- Jessica (in the pink "Britney" wig) sends in a pic with her friends Laura (birthday girl holding the dog), Melissa and Becca at Laura's birthday party which was themed around Playboy bunnies -- Ashley and Gina send in a pic from a wine tasting they attended in San Francisco, CA to celebrate Gina's recent engagement where the theme at the Clos du Bois winery was Pink is the new Red -- Katy, who is a sophomore at my alma mater the University of Oklahoma, sends in a pic with her friends Jenn, Elise and Gloria which was taken in front of The Alamo during their recent trip to San Antonio, TX -- Barb sends in an ADORABLE pic of her 3-week old fraternal twins Trent and Natalie. Barb and her husband are big Nine Inch Nails fans and named their son after Trent Reznor which is a fitting name, the folks at the hospital called him "rock star" because of his amazing hair:

This is such an amazing batch of photos ... thank you all so much for taking the time to send them in. I really love the baby pics, it means a lot that y'all send them in for sharing on the blog. As always, I really look forward to receiving these photos from week to week ... much, much love to you all for sharing the lurve. XOXO