Friday, March 14, 2008

The TV Guide: House Party

Yesterday afternoon I enlisted the help of mes amis to help me pick out a new Leica camera for me to use at events and stuff (mainly cuz I'd like my event pics to look a bit more professional and less amateurish) and they helped me pick out the perfect one for my needs. We late lunched and then worked for the rest of the afternoon before Darion, Jordan and his friend Helen met up with us for a party at Steph and Alek's friend Stuart's amazing home at the foot of the Hollywood Hills ... here are a few pics, courtesy of Darion, from the soiree:

The party was really swank but we ended up keeping mostly to ourselves. Unfortch for the single folks in our party, the mingling was kept to a minimum. We had fun nonetheless. After the shindig, we went back to S&A's place to watch (and dissect) Lost and that was that.

Tonight a few of us are getting together to go see Never Back Down and then ... who knows what after that. It's the weekend, y'all ... make it a good one!!!