Thursday, March 27, 2008

The TV Guide: West Coast Lurve

There really isn't anything at all interesting to report about my day yesterday. David and I spent the early part of the day working and then we spent the rest of the day and night flying back to LA. Even tho the 6 hour flight is very tiring, it doesn't feel at all that bad when I'm able to make the trek with David :)

Tonight we have tentative plans to hang out with Steph and Alek but my friend Mike G. is flying out to spend the weekend here in LA tonight so we'll have to see what the plan is on his end. I'm hoping that David and I can spend as much time with him here in LA as we can, it'll be his first visit to SoCal. The weather is superb so I'm sure he'll have a great time away from the cold misery of Detroit.