Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Angelina Jolie Doin' It For The Kids

Angelina Jolie hauled her cookies and her heaving baby bump (full of incubating twins?) up to Capitol Hill in Washington DC this week to honor her friend Mariane Pearl and to speak out on behalf of the children of Iraq ... cuz, you know, it's what any superhero would be doing on her day off:

A visibly pregnant Angelina Jolie told the Council on Foreign Relations that education is the best way to help the plight of Iraqi child refugees in a speech in Washington D.C. on Tuesday. "It is a fact that the best way to heal children in conflict and their trauma is to focus their minds on their future," she told the crowd, which included Gen. David Petraeus. "This population we're talking about is the future of Iraq," she added. "So to reach them now, to help deal with their trauma and refocus their minds on a possible future should absolutely be one of our top priorities. "We need these kids ... to rebuild their country, to stabilize their country and eventually lead their country." Jolie, 32 — who has gone to Iraq twice in the past year — said children there "are desperate for an education." During a trip to a Burmese refugee camp, she recalled how a group of teens - many of whom have dropped out of school due to the conflict — begged her for grammar books, dictionaries and pens." "We need them to grow up and be doctors and lawyers and engineers and teachers," she said. "We need them to rebuild their country, stabilize their countries and eventually lead their countries." The actress did not address the question of the U.S.' long term presence in Iraq but said "the surge does not just mean it works if you get numbers of violence down. It works if humanitarian aide is starting to increase and changes are able to be made."

You just know that Angelina Jolie is not content to merely speak out on behalf of the children of Iraq ... I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up adopting a kid or two from Iraq once she births her new baby (babies?). Iraqi kids would be the perfect addition to her ever-expanding family made up of the world's children. Sainthood ain't easy but Angelina sure makes it look like it is. [Source]