Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Barron Escapes Jail

Barron Hilton, younger brother of former jailbird Paris Hilton, managed to plea his way out of having to serve a jail term this week after his recent DUI arrest this past February. Justice is served, yet again:

Paris' driving challenged little bro has pleaded no contest to DUI. Another Hilton role model! A judge has ordered that 18-year-old Barron go the way of sister-in-crime Lindsay Lohan and visit the L.A. County Morgue. He was also placed on three years probation and had his license yanked for a year.

Barron is becoming quite the male version of the Hollywood "It" Girl these days ... he managed to plea his way out of jail like Mischa Barton and, as part of his plea deal, is being required to visit a morgue just like Lindsay Lohan. All he needs to do now is break the terms of his probation and eventually get hauled away (kicking and screaming) to jail just like his big sister Paris. I have a funny feeling that this will prolly end up happening some day soon. [Source]