Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ashlee Simpson Is Starting To Show

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz continue to milk the media uproar over news of their engagement and rumors of their pregnancy as they play coy about the personal specifics about their relationship. The couple are currently in NYC (where they met up and dined with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, who just arrived in town, last night) where Ashlee is bizzy doing promo work for her new album Bittersweet World. Here are a couple pics of Ashl33n out and about last night (showing off her fat NEW engagment rock to People magazine) and a report on her interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM his morning where she didn't say a thing about any pregnancy but she did talk a bit about her engagement:

Photo credit: Wireimage and Splash News

Ashlee Simpson did not mention her pregnancy during an interview on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Thursday morning. But she opened up about hubby-to-be Pete Wentz. "I didn't know I'd be getting married right now, but I'm so happy to be!" she said, calling from her mother's Ritz-Carlton hotel room in NYC. "I'm a lucky girl." How did Wentz ... pop the question? "That part I am keeping sacred," she said, "but I will tell you that it was very thoughtful, and he did a great job. Of course, it was thoughtful," she added, "He's like that." Simpson — who flashed her new engagement ring (which Wentz designed) in NYC Wednesday — said she loved her rock. "It's definitely a big diamond!" she said. "I go, 'Oh, my God, I can't believe its on my hand!'" When asked if she'd be marrying soon, Simpson replied, "I can't tell my secrets," but added, "my mom loves Pete, so does my dad!" Seacrest avoided asking flat-out if she were pregnant, but asked whether she'd be drinking booze during her stay this week in NYC (where she is promoting her new album Bittersweet World). Simpson replied, "Who knows? Maybe."

So I guess that tiny rock-less band she's been wearing on her ring finger lately really was her friendship ring and not her engagement ring. I wonder why she only started wearing the ring just now, days after the couple announced they were engaged. Perhaps the ring wasn't ready from the jeweler yet? Perhaps Ashlee demanded a larger stone? Who knows? On the business front, the New York Post is reporting that Papa Joe Simpson is bizzy workin' behind the scenes to try and sell photos of Ashl33n (and a possible baby bump?) to all the big magazines ... unfortch for him, he's not really getting any interest from anyone willing to shell out the big bucks that he's asking for:

THE Simpson sisters' dad-ager, Joe Simpson, is trying to cash in on the baby-crazed trend in celebrity magazines - but he's having a difficult time. A magazine source said, "Joe is contacting all the weeklies and asking them to pony up $1 million to put Ashlee on the cover." The news broke this week that Jessica's younger sibling is pregnant with her now-fiancée Pete Wentz's child - a claim Wentz has backed off denying. "The deal would include photos of Ashlee - taken by Joe, of course, so he can make more money - an interview and photos of the baby when she has it," our source said. Sadly, there is some interest - but not for anything close to $1 million. One magazine editor said the pictures would fetch "$60,000 maybe - but definitely not a million. The timing is a little suspicious. Her album ['Bittersweet World'] is dropping next week, and there was little to no interest until now. Ashlee's lucky she got pregnant, frankly." But even with the marriage announcement, "Joe has an unrealistic expectation of what Ashlee can command," the editor said. Ashlee's shotgun wedding to Wentz is expected to take place before summer. Her rep declined to comment.

I must say that I am not at all convinced that she is pregs. Pete Wentz would've been foolish to flat-out deny to MTV News that she is pregnant if she really were ... that's not the kind of thing you can keep secret for long. I'm guessing his denial was a misstep in Papa Joe's plan for Ashlee to play coy so that we'll believe that she's pregs to make the story of their engagement a bigger one. It seems curious that we've seen no evidence of Ashlee's rumored pregsness but now suddenly we're seeing the diamond on her engagement ring -- that's all they've got to show right now. All in all, the hype is working ... if this media attention doesn't help her sell more albums when Bittersweet World gets released in a couple of weeks then she may just have to rely on her talent instead. What a bittersweet world, indeed. [Source, Source]