Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gossip Goss

Over the past few weeks, there have been a whole slew of photos making their way around the InterWeb from the NYC filming of the CW show Gossip Girl ... and today is no exception ... but this time around, we have a bit of information gathered from an industrious Pink reader who was on the scene, close enough to eavesdrop on the action and provide a short report. Here is what Pink reader Brian was able to glean from recent filming on the show that he was able to listen in on:

Photo credit: Splash News

Brian writes: Spotted on the Steps of the Met: A whole of action going down on the set of Gossip Girl. It appears Blair (Leighton Meister) has been able to wrangle her token Asian and token Black girl away from Jenny (Taylor Momson). But, the other three steps girls are part of Jenny's rebel forces. Which means Blair has to deal with being equals with Jenny. The guy who was on set in those photos you posted is apparently Jenny's plan B. From what dialogue we over heard on set on Monday, Jenny tried to get Nate (Chace Crawford's character first, then settled for the new guy). And, You should see the wardrobe trailer, it's bigger than an 18 wheeler, and each time the door opened someone came out with hangers containing more than my rent's worth of fabulous stuff.

I.Love.It. Being able to spy on the show's filming is kinda like bringing the world of Gossip Girl to life. As soon as this action was "spotted" I'm sure it made its way from cell phone to BlackBerry to Sidekick almost instantly. What a brilliant merging of real life with fiction and vice versa. And I totally believe the bit about the wardrobe trailer ... you can tell that the show takes wardrobe very seriously. I've been very impressed with the look of the show's wardrobe since these new eps have started filming. I'm sure the show is gonna come back with a huge bang come April 21. [Source, thanks Brian]