Friday, April 18, 2008

The TV Guide: I <3 New Yorker

You know, I gotta say, it's nice to be back home in Detroit. So far, the only parts of Detroit that I've seen are the airport and my parent's house (oh, and the inside of Sarah's car cuz she was so awesome to pick me up at the airport at 12:30AM last night/this morning) but I feel great. I got to spend some time with my folks this morning over breakfast and am planning some alone time with Sarah tonight. We don't get to talk to each other as much as we used to when I lived here and I've really been missing our alone time. SO, we're going on a date ... tho, I'm not sure what we're doing just yet.

OH yes, I wanted to write a little something in praise of my fave magazine ever, The New Yorker:

This week's issue arrived in my mailbox right before I left for the airport yesterday and I was thoroughly entertained for the entire flight. I read the most shockingly fascinating article about the lives of elevators (which, I know, sounds boring but really wasn't at all) that was juxtaposed with a kinda horrid tale of one man's life-changing experience in an elevator mishap. I also read a most intellectual take on The Hills and reality TV in general which shames the piece that The New York Times wrote previously. And I read a review of the new Portishead album, Third, which was so well-written that it reminded me fully of how much I love the band's music. As usual, the tidbits in The Talk of the Town were superb -- I loved the piece about the politician's tendency to "misspeak" and the ramifications of doing so. I really think it's the best written magazine with the most interesting articles around, I love talking about it because I think many of you would enjoy reading it as well. Feed your head ... man cannot exist on goss alone.

Tomorrow night is the big SASS danceparty at OSLO in downtown Detroit so I know we're all gearing up for that. This weekend is going to be a chill one, especially since I'll only be in town for a short amount of time. My homie Joe is chillin' in Paris, France this week and today is his birthday so I have to send him some Birthday Lurve today.

I hope all y'all have a great weekend ... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have a smashing one myself.