Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cloverfield: The Next Generation

A mysterious new site has popped up at TheNightShot.com that feels eerily reminiscent of the first Cloverfield movie viral sites that started popping up months before buzz about the movie kicked into high gear. It would seem the new sequel (?) has been codenamed Aladygma which, I think, is meant to mean "nothing" just like Cloverfield kinda means nothing. If you go to TheNightShot.com and highlight the entire page (by pressing CTRL + A) you'll find a small box on the upper right hand side of this screencap image:

Clicking on that box will show a series of symbols that mean nothing to me by the industrious folks who have created Alaygma Clues have a few theories.

Here are a couple of videos that appear to go along with this new viral campaign:

Now, because this buzz started a few weeks ago, I tend to believe it's not an elaborate April Fool's Joke but can we really be so sure? I tend to think that this new viral thing is genuine and will expand and grow over the coming weeks and months. At this point I'm intrigued to see what more comes of this ... but I'm wary that it may get complicated and confusing way too early before a movie may come of it. This is the new media, tho, online games like this are the wave of the present ... I guess it's time to play again. [Source]

UPDATE: The webmaster at Aladygmaclues.com informs me that this Night Shot site may be a fake and believes Aladygma.com is the only genuine site out there right now. Highlighting the Aladygma.com site will reveal small squares that are links to more clues. Game on.