Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Damage Control

Well now ... isn't this an interesting turn of events. Just a couple of days ago we were hearing that upscale SoCal boutiques Kitson and Fred Segal were dumping Victoria Beckham's dVb jeans line because they weren't really selling very well due to poor promotion on VB's part (ie. she failed to make good on promises to come into the stores to help generate sales). It sort of struck me as a kind of ultimatum on the stores' part to force VB to comply with their desire for more in-store appearances. Then we heard that Kitson's owner was suddenly saying that the "dumping" report was untrue and that dVb would still be carried in their stores ... AND THEN, on the same day that Kitson's owner vowed to keep dVb jeans in his store, Vicki B. paid a visit to the Kitson boutique on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood to "do some shopping". What curious timing, no?

Photo credti: Splash News

C'mon ... it seems pretty obvs that this whole thing was a power play to see who would come out on top. It really feels like Vicki B. was forced to make nice with the store in order to keep her line of jeans on their shelves ... which works out for both parties cuz Kitson got its in-store appearance and VB avoided getting dumped by the retailer. I really feel like this whole thing would've been a lot more interesting if it weren't so transparent. I guess in the end, all's well that ends well. Who knows if any of this well sell more jeans but the public power play is marginally fun to watch. [Source, Source]