Monday, April 14, 2008

The Downward Spiral

The official Nine Inch Nails website was updated this weekend with photos of the hardcopy discs of their latest online-only release Ghosts I-IV (my copy arrived in the mail this weekend as well) and some new information on how NIN plans to handle their online presence. Previously, fan club members of The Spiral were allowed access to concert presales, exclusive content, etc. for a fee ... according to the latest update, those same amenities will be available for all NIN fans for free starting next month. Here is a pic of what the Ghosts I-IV discs look like (possibly in the hands of Trent Reznor) and a photo of the latest incarnation of Nine Inch Nails plotting their next move:

We have been busy preparing a much-improved online experience for, which we will begin to unveil next month. The new will incorporate much of the interactivity and benefits presently offered on The Spiral, but a paid membership will no longer be required. A free account will be all that is needed to access the features of the new site, and The Spiral in its current form will no longer remain active. As we get closer to the upgrade, we'll be making more information available to existing Spiral members to better prepare for the transition to the new site. Ticket pre-sales will still be available on the new site -- all members will have the opportunity to pre-purchase great seats on a per-show basis. Details will be forthcoming with ample time before on-sale dates. For right now, you can become a member by registering at -- if you're a Spiral member, your existing username and password will be preserved on the new site, as it is on the remix site. We're very excited to begin offering a wide range of improved interactivity to all nine inch nails fans, all for free.

On the one hand, I think it's really great of NIN to offer all of the same amenities to all NIN fans free of charge ... but as a Spiral member myself, I do feel a bit slighted by the fact that our online community is now going to be given away for free when we previously had to pay for it. It makes sense tho ... Trent has found great success with bringing his music directly to the fans without having to deal with a record label middleman ... so why wouldn't he also want to make the entire NIN online fan experience available to all fans alike -- for free. I'm encouraged by this new concept of giving things away for free ... as long as the music and the access keeps comin' there really is no cause for complaint. [Source]