Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Hills: Odd Girl Out


Well, despite the questionable decisions that Audrina has been making on the past few episodes of The Hills, leading up to her most questionable behavior yet on last night's ep, this week's installment of The Hills was kinda tame. There was a lot of back and forth with couples conversing about various things but nothing juicy really took place (all the drama was found in last night's ep of Gossip Girl, which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish). We did see Audrina tighten the noose on her own neck, ensuring that she would be well on her way off LC's A-List and back in the arms of her fave bad boy Justin Bobby:

I think we all see where things are going on The Hills ... LC and Heidi are being brought together in closer proximity due to LC's new friendship with the She-Spencer and Audrina's rekindled friendship with Heidi herself. Reacting Justin Bobby to bathwater, LC was so repelled by having to sit on the same couch with both JB and Heidi that she pretty much bolted for the door as quickly as possible ... it was at that moment that she started thinking about how to expunge Audrina from her life, taking JB and Heidi with her -- enter Lo, the perfect new roommate. The only way to get LC to run from the Hills of Hollywood and into a house in the Valley would be for her roommate to take up with 2 of her enemies ... the only thing that could'd've made the sitch worse would be if Audrina started hanging out with Spencer too (who, btw, only got about 20 secs. of screen time ... which is still commendable since he really had nothing at all to do with any of the drama last night). With Lo back in the picture, LC can move on and away from all the baggage she can't seem to get rid of ... and which Audrina seems hell-bent on getting reattached to. While all of this is interesting, it's not really all that juicy. It seemed obvs that LC and Lo weren't really that interested in inviting Audrina to move in with them but they had to save face in front of her. Now, I'm not sure if Audrina was just completely clueless about what was going on or she was merely trying to deny that she is becoming person non grata but in either case it's a little sad. Things have ended on the assumption that the ladies would be living in harmony but I doubt that's gonna happen. If Audrina wants to stay on LC's good side then she's gonna hafta get rid of JB (and Heidi). You can just tell that Justin Bobby has complete control over poor Audrina (did you catch that bit about how Audrina revealed that it was JB who stopped returning her endless calls and txts and that is why they stopped seeing each other ... and now he's back and she's all wrapped up again). Girls can be so dumb sometimes. Next week's ep looks kinda okay ... Stephen returns to The Hills, which should stir up all those old feelings from the Laguna Beach: The Real OC days ... I'm just not sure that dead horse can get beaten any further to make it interesting. I guess we'll see. [Source]