Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hot Dude Of The Week: Peter

Woot! It's time to get sexy with this week's installment of the Hot Dude of the Week -- holla! Because last night's party was seriously insane, I had a very difficult time waking up this morning and am still having a tough time this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to my flight home to LA in a few hours mainly because I'd like to just lay my head down and sleep for a few hours ... which is where a handy yet nekkid dude like Peter comes in. The pillow on his lap looks really inviting and not at all for the reason that you'd usually expect:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Sure, Peter's got that "tough as nails" look on his face which is meant to look mean yet ever so unattainable ... but that pillow on his lap looks sooo nice and soft. It looks like the perfect place to lay one's head. I bet you could enjoy a nice and secure nap in that lap :) [Source]