Sunday, April 20, 2008

Anchor's Away, Heidi Promotes Heidiwood At Kitson

Heidi Montag, with her #1 man Spencer Pratt by her side, brought Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA to a stop yesterday when she showed up at chic boutique Kitson for a promotion event for her new clothing line Heidiwood for Anchor Blue. Because Kitson is the only other retailer/e-tailer that will carry the Heidiwood for Anchor Blue line (besides Anchor Blue retail locations), Heidi paid a visit to the shop yesterday afternoon to do a meet and greet with fans. Here are a few photos from yesterday's event ... the middle pic of Heidi posing with a fan was sent to me by Spencer himself which he snapped with his iPhone:

And these photos of Heidi were taken from inside the shop before the raucous public was allowed inside to meet with Heidi:

Vicki B. could learn a thing or two about promoting her clothing line from Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Say what you will about the villainous Speidi you see on The Hills but this couple works very hard to attain their fame and fortune. Heidi always looks so put together (she was lookin' pretty fine in her Chloe dress and shoes) and it's rare that we ever see Spencer at an event not wearing a suit. VB may not want to deign to make public appearances very often but Speidi are happy to do so -- in fact, they insist on it. Speidi seem hell-bent on world domination ... and given enough time, they'll prolly achieve their lofty aims. [Source]