Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Simpsons Round-Up

Earlier this week, Pete Wentz spoke to People magazine about his new line of Clandestine clothing, which has been made available for sale at Nordstrom department stores around the country, revealing that his fashion inspiration comes from his fiancée and much-rumored babymama Ashlee Simpson ... which is very interesting considering that Ashlee confessed to HX magazine that she didn't even design her new line of clothing from Wet Seal. Anyways, here is a pic of Pete in reclined repose with a few pieces from his clothing collection strewn about the bed:

His Clandestine Industries line has a collection that recently hit Nordstrom, and Pete Wentz says one major inspiration is his new -- and pregnant! -- fiancée, Ashlee Simpson. "She is a good sounding board for me," Wentz told PEOPLE on Thursday. "She's really supportive and always positive but sometimes she'll get me to rethink [things]. Like I'll be like, 'We should do a half-plaid, half-pastel hoodie!' And she'll be like, 'I like it, but maybe you should do it as two separate hoodies.' She's good like that." As for Ashlee's new line at Wet Seal, Pete admits, "I haven't really seen it [yet]." When asked what life is like not only as a fashion designer and musician, but also as a husband and father to be, Wentz sums up his feelings very simply: "I'm happy!"

Well, I'm glad that Pete's happy ... but you just know that Papa Joe Simpson ain't gonna be happy until he can secure a huge pay-off from his youngest daughter's alleged pregnancy. While I don't necessarily believe that Ashlee is pregs yet that doesn't mean that Papa Joe hasn't been pressuring the newly engaged couple to get to work on that particular project ... after all, it doesn't really matter when she gets pregs as long as he can cash in on the photos. Remember, Papa Joe has no qualms about pimping out his daughters for cash ... he already milked Jessica Simpson about as dry as can be -- but we'll get to her in a sec. [Source]

Ashl33n have been bizzy in NYC not talking about Ashlee's alleged pregnancy (therefore ensuring that everyone else, including me, do nothing but talk about it) but they have already made their way back home to the sunny shores of SoCal. Here are pics of the happy couple upon arrival at LAX Airport yesterday ... you'll note that Ashlee is wearing a very bulky coat so that she can pretend to hide her stomach even tho temps have been in the 90s in LA recently:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

Yep, they're gonna keep this thing going for a while now ... watch and see.

On the Jessica Simpson front, new photos have emerged of the eldest Simpson daughter in Nashville, TN where she has relocated in order to embark upon a Country music career ... you know, cuz that pop music career didn't really turn out as successful as Papa Joe had hoped:

Photo credit: Splash News

In the land of Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood, I don't really think that Jessica has much of a chance at success in Nashville but I guess you can't blame the girl for trying. How else is she going to get the approval and attention from her father Papa Joe unless she can show him that she is still capable of making money? Good luck, Jess ... you're gonna need it.