Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just A Good Ol' Boy

It don't get much farther from Hollywood than this ... here are a couple of new photos of Jamie Lynn Spears's babydaddy and fiancée Casey Aldridge mowing the lawn at his family's home in Gloster, MS just like a regular country boy from down on the farm:

Photo credit: INFdaily

It would've come as no surprise if Casey started showing up at all the hot clubs in Hollywood throwing his weight around as dude who got JL Spears pregs (which, I'm sad to say, would afford him quite a bit of caché in LA) but instead the boy has been staying out of the limelight, going about his every day biz as if he had just gotten a normal, unfamous 16 year-old girl (now 17) pregnant just as guys have been doing for years. You have to respect that Casey, who has very nice arms I must add but isn't really all that relevant at the moment (but is deffo worth mentioning), hasn't let his new status as the soon-to-be father of Spears spawn go to his head. He strikes me as a very down guy who will most likely live up to his responsibilities ... prolly the way his daddy did and his daddy's daddy did. [Source]