Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just A Taste

Are you craving a taste of Madonna's new album Hard Candy right about now? If so, you can click below to preview 30-second clips of the entire album online courtesy of the German online music site Musicload:

Hard Candy is still about 2 weeks away from release but at least we can enjoy a small taste of the the album in the meantime. I'm reserving judgement on the album until I get to hear the songs in their entirety ... it's hard to form a valid opinion on an album just by hearing 30 second clips. Rolling Stone magazine seems to like the album tho, they've reviewed and rated the album 4 out of 5 stars:

Like Confessions, Hard Candy celebrates dance as salvation, but even the euphorically groovy "Heartbeat" and "Dance 2night" strike wistful notes. Although the uptempo set features no ballads, the dominant lyrical themes — regret, yearning, distrust — are far from upbeat. Morphing from a syncopated shuffle into a lathery, orgasmic hysteria, Pharrell's "Incredible" is a challenging song about longing for a relationship's idyllic beginning. There's a melancholy pining in Timbaland-Timberlake's lush "Miles Away," which implies that all is not peachy in the house of Richie. "You always have the biggest heart when we're 6,000 miles apart," Madonna sings. International pop megastars — they're just like us! ... Madonna can still scoff at wanna-be's half her age because she's stayed so flexible with her sound. (She's performed a similar feat with her body, devoting herself to a yoga regimen that's made her impossibly elastic — name another near-fifty-year-old who can still rock a hot crotch shot on her album cover.) Even when she wrestles with Pharrell's abrupt stylistic changes or lets herself get absorbed in a Timberlake melody, Madonna still finds her way back on top. The atmospheric closing track, "Voices," poses the question "Who is the master, who is the slave?" before its operatic wind-down ends in a dramatic bell toll. The answer to both questions is still Madonna.

The song clips are deffo worth checking out if you simply can't wait for the album's release but there is something to be said for holding off until each song can be heard in its entirety. I caved and previewed the clips ... but I really can't wait to hear the album in full. [Source]

UPDATE: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Pink reader Ryan gave me the head's up that all the preview clips of Hard Candy have been removed from the site. I guess the clips weren't authorized for preview just yet. Rats.

UPDATE 2: Pink reader Ashraf says we should click HERE instead.