Monday, April 21, 2008

Sporty Spice-lings

In other Beckham news today, David Beckham and the LA Galaxy managed to pull out a 2-2 tie against the, thus far, winless Houston Dynamo at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA this past Saturday evening. Working in concert with his Galaxy teammate Landon Donovan, Becks provided 2 of his trademark passes to tie up the score and save the Galaxy from suffering another loss -- dare I say they are on a winning unlosing streak? To celebrate the tie, David Beckham stripped off his jersey (as he usually does at the end of soccer matches) and managed to give us a peek of his world-famous Armani Undies ... which is really cause for celebration for us, too:

David Beckham supplied two trademark passes for a Landon Donovan brace as the Los Angeles Galaxy held two-time defending champions Houston Dynamos to a 2-2 home draw in Major League soccer action on Saturday night. Donovan took advantage of a right wing cross to level for the second time in the 84th minute. A similar pin-point cross enabled him to make it 1-1 in the 67th minute with a diving header. Houston, who were twice ahead through Brad Davis and Argentine Franco Caaraccio, are still looking for a first win of the season after four games. "I've always said my game is about getting assists. It was great for Landon (Donovan) to get two goals," Beckham told the Associated Press. He smiled and added, "Goal scorers want to score, so it's good to make them go home happy."

Yay! The Galaxy may not be winning all their games but at least they aren't losing games either. I'm happy with the tie ... it adds to the momentum that the team has built up over the last few games. This is exactly the sort of news that Galaxy fans have been praying for since Becks' arrival on the team ... the season has a very hopeful outlook thus far. I'm just glad whenever Galaxy games end on a happy note ... sure, Becks still strips off his clothes whether he wins or loses but I think he gives off a little extra oomph when he is celebrating a win. Oomph away, Becks, oomph away!! [Source, Source]

Yesterday afternoon, before Becks and Vicki B. met up with their group of famous friends for another VB birthday dinner at Via Veneto in Santa Monica last night, Becks took his eldest sons Brooklyn and Romeo to watch the LA Lakers defeat the Denver Nuggets with a final score of 128-114 at the Staples Center in downtown LA. The Beckham boys were all wearing Lakers colors as they sat courtside while cheering on their team ... and you will note that Becks was on his best behavior yesterday, he managed to keep his eyes OFF the Laker Girl Cheerleaders and on the game at hand:

Photo credit: Splash News

Last week he was caught sizing up a cheerleader at an NBA game, but this time David Beckham was taking no chances. The football star, accompanied by his eldest sons Brooklyn and Romeo, appeared to be making every effort to keep his eyes planted firmly on the ball as he sat front row at the Los Angeles Staples Centre yesterday. He managed to resist the temptation of a cheeky sideways glance, instead turning his full attention on court as the LA Lakers defeated Denver 128-114.

LOL! I bet Vicki B. didn't take too kindly to seeing photos of her husband gawking at other younger women (click HERE for a reminder of Becks's wandering eye) so Becks decided to be good at yesterday's game. Maybe that was his birthday gift to her? At any rate, I always love it when Becks takes his sons out for events like this ... he looks so loving ... The Beckhams really do make an adorable family -- VB's obscenely oversized silicone breasts, superplumped lips and vapid, uncaring stare notwithstanding. [Source]