Sunday, April 20, 2008

The TV Guide: Long Live SASS!!!

Alas, my quick trip home to Detroit has come to a close as I'm basically out the door on my way to the airport bound for sunny SoCal. But, before I go, I have to give a quick recount of my great day yesterday/night and publicly send out all my love to Detroit Rock City. Earlier in the day, Sarah and I drove out to spend some time with Princess Zakiya since I hadn't seen her in a couple of months and I had presents to give her from David's and my trip to Amsterdam in February. I was surprised to see that Z and I were wearing almost the same outfit when I arrived (pink tops, black skinny jeans) ... you can see that she gets her sense of style from her godfather :) Here are pics of Z and me from yesterday afternoon:

This little girl is amazing -- she was well aware that her Amsterdam raincoat made her look like a lady bug and she happily told everyone that she was, indeed, a lady bug. We had really fun time yesterday ... we played instruments together, we snacked on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together and then we napped together. Actually, I kinda fell asleep on the couch but Zakiya was very sweet enough to cover me up with her fave blanket, making sure to have the pink side facing up. That's my girl.

After my play date with Zakiya, it was time to meet up with Erik and Steve for a sushi dinner at OSLO. I had Tracey tag along to round us out, even tho she's not a big sushi fan. Dinner was pretty good ... we were kinda annoyed that half of the stuff on the menu wasn't available but we really enjoyed what they did have. Since SASS takes place underneath OSLO, we were ready to head on down to commence the booty shaking as soon as we were finished with our meal. People, last night's party was SO DAMN FUN. DJ's Nathan Rapport (San Francisco, CA) and Mike Servito (NYC, NY) really know how to put together a fun party mix ... it was rare that we were given a song we didn't like. I'm really glad I brought along my dancing shoes (hot pink patent leather Marc Jacobs sneaks, to be exact) because they really served me well :) Here are some of my pics from last night's totally awesome party:

Now, normally, the SASS party don't stop until around 4:30 or 5AM but the affair came to a screeching halt when the Detroit Police showed up to shut the party down at just after 3. That's some bullshizz right there ... things were in full swing and then all of the sudden -- dunzo. While we were very annoyed, I guess it ain't a hot Detroit party until it gets shut down by the po po. Still, Detroit's finest get a big Poop Sandwich from me for cutting our fun short.

Even still, I was able to meet a bunch of really cool Pink readers at last night's SASS party ... unfortch (due to the numerous drinks that kept getting shoved into my hands and, eventually, down my throat) I don't remember many names -- but here are some of their pretty faces:

Last night was just super fun. It felt like the good old days ... Erik's friends came out and my friends came out -- just like our happy days of yore.

I am also happy to report that SASSman Nathan told me directly that there MAY be another SASS party later on in the year (around Xmas) and SASSs are being planned for NYC and San Fran! Woot! This is amazing news ... I'll have full deets when these parties are to take place when I know more.

And so ... I must be off. I love you Detroit, I'll miss you Detroit ... I'll be back, Detroit. I'm out.