Friday, May 30, 2008

The TV Guide: Coloring And The City

Woot! Okay, so last night I was able attend a charity screening of the Sex and the City movie which has hosted by SKYY Vodka (the official vodka of the movie) which benefitted AIDS Project Los Angeles (and raised $20,000 for the organization in last night's event). Not only was I and the other attendees able to see the movie early but we were also treated to a little Q&A session after the film with Kristen Davis (Charlotte) and Michael Patrick King (the producer/writer of the SaTC series and the writer/director of the movie). But, before I get to that ... let's talk a bit about the movie itself:

SaTC faithful, you're gonna love this film. I've been getting emails from international readers all week long about how much those folks are loving the film (which opened in places like Israel and London earlier this week) but I kinda remained hesitant to get all that excited before seeing the film for myself. I can now honestly say that the movie rocks balls -- it has everything that fans will be looking for -- I mean everything. Inside jokes, nods to the series, laughs, tears, anger, shoes, hot bags, shoes, fashion, shoes ... well, you get my point. Do not be late for the movie ... the opening credits give a nice recap of the series and catches us up a bit before the movie gets underway. We learn some new info about our fave characters (including Mr. Big's full name) and we are reminded of some of the fun things about the show that we may have taken for granted (the outfit that Carrie wears in the opening sequence of the series makes a cameo -- I actually squealed). Let me assure you, true fans of the show will LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. I was very surprised that The New York Times gave the movie such a scathing review ... but this is also the publication that decided that Heidi Montag is a feminist hero. Entertainment Weekly gives a much more fair review (which you shouldn't read if you don't want to be spoiled.

I will say that Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job in the role of Carrie's personal assistant Louise but I was left wanting more. This was the first role that J. Hud has done since winning the Academy Award for Dreamgirls and her part kinda felt squished into the story. If they had cast an unknown in the role, I don't think I would've felt the same ... the character would've just faded into the background like all of the amazing purses, shoes, dresses and men did (and, hello, there is alot of nekkid man flesh in this movie -- the shower scene is sooo hot! Thank you Michael Patrick King). Honestly, this is the only negative I could find in the movie. Is it the perfect movie? Mebbe not for everyone but I think it deffo is for SaTC fans. It felt like an entire new season in one sitting ... I can't wait to see it again, honestly.

Okay ... so Kristen Davis and Michael Patrick King were the special guests at last night's screening ... KD did the "green" thing and arrived in a hawt-looking BMW Hydrogen 7, which is the world's first hydrogen-powered car for everyday use. She and MPK answered some questions after the movie and then hung out for a bit at the SKYY Vodka cocktail reception afterwards:

Lisa Kudrow and Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty) were among the celebs who came out for the party. I was able to record the full Q&A session with MPK and Kristen Davis ... which you can listen to here:

I would recommend NOT listening if you've not seen the movie yet ... there are some spoilers.

And ... on my way out of the screening, I ran into a bunch of Pink readers who had just arrived for the midnight screening of the movie:

Much love goes out to Erika, Elana and Rachel (and extra love goes out to Tamar who couldn't be with us cuz she's chillin' in Israel right now) ... it was great meeting you all.

OY ... so that's it ... take my advice, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

PS: The title of this post will make sense after you see the movie :)