Friday, May 30, 2008

"Friends" Chris Brown & Rihanna Are Dunzo!

Despite the fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown have been denying that they are in a romantic relationship, I think it is my duty to report that the couple are quite possibly dunzo after all. Whether they are dunzo as friends or as lovers is up for debate but Pink reader Crystal sends in a report that the couple had a big fight backstage last night, essentially ending their relationship:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Last night Kanye West played his Glow in the Dark tour in Edmonton, Canada (which was amazing). Chris Brown was in the city as well and during Rihanna's opening act he came on stage and danced with her. Anyways, the story is that backstage Chris and Rihanna got into huge fight and broke up. It was even reported that she was throwing pieces of a piano at him.

LOL! I don't usually post rumors like this but I really like the image of Rihanna chucking pieces of piano at Chris Brown. Who knows if they actually broke up (or were even "together" in the first place) or if this was just a lover's spat but it's a funny story nonetheless. Hee hee. [thanks Crystal]