Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost: No Place Like ???


Okay ... so Lost ... depending on who you are you either found last night's 2-hour season finale epically awesome, painfully boring or you don't watch the show and you're tired of hearing everyone talk about it. I find myself somewhere in between the first two batches of folks. While I didn't find the ep "epic" (in fact, I didn't even think it was the best Lost season finale we've seen) I wouldn't at all call it boring or at all disappointing. I expected to be more wowed by the major advancements in the story line (hello, explosions and disappearances) but I really wasn't knocked off my chair at all. I did hungrily feast on all the answers to many of the big questions that we got ... and I really did love the reunification scene between two of our favorite separated lovers:

I did love how the ep started in the same place that the season started last Fall ... Jack and Kate in the "present" talking about the death of someone they know and arguing about having to go back to the island. The name Jeremy Bentham got tossed around all ep long, which was meant to keep us guessing as to who they were talking about. For a minute, I thought it might turn out to be an entirely new character -- I was happy that it did not turn out to be a new character :) My friend Mark, who is a student of philosophy, immediately recognized the name and texted me THIS site which explains who he was and what he stood for (the bit about his preserved body is also very cool/creepy, I think). The big shocker at the end was that John Locke turned out to be Bentham ... which means he eventually gets off the island, visits Jack and Kate (and maybe others) in an attempt to get them to return to the island and is killed somewhere along the way. I was bummed that hottie badguy Keemy died so quickly (even tho he didn't die the first time I thought he died, he did die way too fast the second real time he died). I was also freaked out at how Walt looks now. The kid is totally unrecognizable. He absolutely transformed from the cute kid we knew into a pubescent heeby-jeeby stage kid who kinda scares me. I bet we'll be seeing more of him ... unfortch, not so much more of his father Michael who was killed in the boat explosion. Harold Perrineau has already given an interview to TV Guide stating that his character was, indeed, killed off last night. It remains to be seen if Jin died in the explosion as well ... he was running off the boat before the bomb went off ... and we know if Sawyer can swim all the way back to the island the so could Jin (tho, he might have a prob if the island disappeared before he managed to get there). Oh yeah, the island disappeared. We saw Ben go down a shaft into a very cold room with a big wheel (prolly full of that "negatively charged exotic matter" stuff that was mentioned in the Orchid video) and then a bright light (the same light that we saw at the end of season 2 when Desmond turned the key after not pressing the button) and then the island poofed away. Since whoever moves the island can't stay, that must be the point where Ben zapped himself into the desert. The Sun in the future (present) thing with Widmore is a set up for future eps as is Claire's appearance in Kate's dream (we heard backwards talking as well ... also, Sawyer whispered something to Kate before he jumped out of the airplane -- all of these things will come to light very soon). Happily Penny was the one that found Desmond and the rest of the folks on the helicopter ... that was a nice treat. So we know that Desmond is also "out in the world" like the Oceanic 6 ... I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him. We're also bound to learn what "really bad things" happened on the island after the survivors left and, of course, we'll see more of Locke -- even if he does die at some point. After all, all of the folks who left the island (including the corpse Locke/Bentham) have to go back to make things right. All in all, I liked the ep -- it didn't rock my work but it was very satisfying. [Source]

I'm looking forward to Season 4 (which won't air until January 2009) which, hopefully, will turn out a lot like this Photoshop manip made by ONTD! member destroyernova:


One last thing, in case you missed it ... the following "commercial" aired in the last ad segment before the ep ended:

It looks like a new Lost viral game is about to be played at San Diego Comic Con this summer.

Yeah ... so what did you think?