Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost: The Alternative


Okay ... so this isn't my full Lost recap from last night's 2-hour season finale (that will come later on in the day, I'm actually still processing) BUT the following portion will be EXTREMELY SPOILERISH if you've yet to watch last night's ep so I suggest you come back to this after you watch the ep for yourself ... if you've seen last night's ep, then read (and click) on ...

The big shocker at the end of the ep was the revelation of who is in the coffin. If you recall, the season premiere of Lost this year showed Jack in a flashforward to the relative present attending a funeral -- but we never knew who was in the coffin until the very last frame of last night's finale. If you watched last night then you know who was in the coffin ... but two alternate endings were shot to keep the secret (in case someone on set leaked the information) so below are screencaps from the two alternate endings ... which reveal two different people in the coffin:

Click above to find out who's in the box

To be clear, the person we saw in the coffin last night is the real "dead person". These two screencaps are from fake, alternate endings intended to throw off spoilers which were shot in an attempt to keep the secret from leaking to the InterWeb. I thought it would be fun to post these alternate ending scenes. Click HERE to watch video of these alternate scene reveals which aried this morning on Good Morning America. [Source]