Friday, May 09, 2008

Lost: Jacob's Cabin Un-Locke-d


So ... I finally got to watch last night's ep of Lost (which I was really hoping I'd get to see on my Jet Blue plane ride but was unable to since the airline's Direct TV schedule does not air ABC) which seemed especially chock full of OMGs and WTFs ... just the way I like it. This ep didn't have any flash forwards (tho there was one bit that featured a bit of time loop) but, instead, returned to the flashback convention we all know and love (in fact, the opening flashback went back before one of the character's was even born). It was a John Locke centric-ep ... and just when we thought we know all there was to know about the man, we learn a whole lot more:

Okay, so we learned that John was born of an unplanned pregnancy to a woman named Emily (John's a-hole father didn't make an appearance in the ep but we know allll about him now, don't we?) and managed to survive his mother getting hit by a car while she carried him in the womb and, according to his nurses, also survived infections and pneumonia -- to the point that he was referred to as a "miracle baby". Later on in life, we know that John survived being thrown out of a 30-story window (you recall that his father was the one who shoved him out on to the pavement) as well as surviving the Oceanic 815 plane crash -- is he unbreakable just like Bruce Willis in the M. Night Shyamalan movie? That's hard to tell ... his guidance counselor in school told him that he can't be a "superhero" (or a quarterback or a prom king) so it's questionable. BUT, I'm getting ahead of myself. John got put up for adoption and was almost taken away by the Dharma Initiative at the age of 5 by the same ageless man who helped Ben Linus kill all the Dharmas on the island (just how old is that guy?). He liked that Ben could draw the smoke monster but didn't like John's affinity for knives. Interesting. It was also interesting that on the island, in the "present", John ran into Horace (Dharma mathematician), the man who built Jacob's cabin ... with all these dead people running around, it's hard to tell who's who. There was another dead guy cameo at the end of the ep ... but we'll get there in a sec. In one of the flashbacks, Locke met a guy who looked a lot like the Haitian dude on Heroes, who told him that he needed to go on a "walkabout" in Australia, with only a "knife and his wits" in order to find himself. Again with the knife. HMMM. Back on the ship, Martin Keemy showed us that he's a bad man who will stop at nothing to do Charles Widmore's bidding (he also showed us his buff bod, but that's beside the point). We saw how the ship's doctor got his neck slit ... which happened after his body washed up on the island's shore -- time discrepancy ... which I'm sure will be explained soon. Keemy gets something strapped to his bicep which looks like bad news for the islanders and shoots the ship's captain (who turned out to be an OK dude after all). The showdown is coming, prolly next week. The big shocker at the end of the ep was that Locke found the cabin (actually, Hurley found the cabin for Locke) and ran into the very dead Christian Shephard inside -- who is authorized to "speak" for Jacob. ANNNNND, he had the (I'm assuming) very much-alive Claire with him. She looked weird, like she was okay with hanging out with her dead dad over her alive son (Pink reader Jessica suggests that Claire may have died in the explosion ... which I hadn't considered but it entirely possible -- Pink reader Anne suggests that Christian isn't really dead, that he can zap around the world like Ben can). I believe that Christian told Locke how to save the island but we didn't get to hear what he said ... all Locke would reveal is that they need to "move the island" (presumably off course of the "exact heading of 305" which is the only way to find the island). Again, I ask WTF? So much confusing stuff going on ... I fear we won't get enough answers over the next, final 2 eps to satisfy our cravings ... but I'm hoping we do. The previews for next week seem to show the survivors getting off the island -- but it is the first of a 2-part season finale ... I'm sure there is still a lot of stuff to get thru before all of that happens. [Source]