Friday, May 09, 2008

Nick Hogan Sentenced To 8 Months In The Slammer

TMZ, who has been live-streaming today's court hearing where Nick Hogan pleaded "no contest" to the felony charge of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury, is reporting that Nick has been sentenced to 5 years probation, 500 hours of community service, 3 years driver's license revocation and 8 months incarceration ... which he will have to serve starting, um, now:

Click HERE to watch the live stream (while it still airs) and read the live-blogging posts from TMZ ... but the most important updates came mere minutes ago:

UPDATE 3:47 ET: And here's the sentence ... EIGHT MONTHS IN PINELLAS COUNTY JAIL, STARTING RIGHT NOW. Nick was totally expressionless.

UPDATE 3:49 ET: And it looks like they're taking him away. No reaction at all from Nick.

People magazine just posted their report of today's proceedings and Nick's new mugshot:

Nick Bollea was sentenced to 8 months in a Florida county jail on Friday after pleading no contest to charges of felony reckless driving, stemming from the Aug. 6, 2007, car crash that left his best friend, John Graziano, in critical condition. In addition to the jail time, which begins immediately, Bollea, 17, was sentenced to 5 years probation, during which he will serve 500 hours of community service, not be allowed to drink any alcohol and have his driver's license revoked for 3 years. Bollea, dressed in a gray suit and light blue shirt and tie, looked somber as he was taken to meet the court officers. His father, Hulk Hogan (real name: Terry Bollea), stood and watched as uniformed authorities removed his son from the courtroom. Nick did not have a chance to say goodbye to his family before he was taken into custody. In delivering his sentence, the judge specifically asked that Bollea use his community service to do something positive "that reflects what John did in his service to our country as a Marine."

To be honest, he's lucky he's only getting 8 months and I won't be at all surprised if he ends up getting out early anyways. There has been no reaction from the family just yet, stay tuned ... [Source]