Saturday, May 24, 2008

The TV Guide: Shoppin', Eatin' & Chillin'

Yesterday afternoon I got to hang out with Monique for a few hours before she had to board the jitney headed for the Hamptons where she will be spending the remainder of her Memorial Day weekend. We made our way to SoHo to get our shop on and ended up walking away with quite a few fun purchases. Mo got a pair of amazing bubblegum pink Prada shoes which she will debut at the PITNB relaunch party in Hollywood next month and I got some fun stuff as well :)

After Mo and I had to part ways, David and I met up with Andy and Dave for dinner in Alphabet City at a wine bar called In Vino (on 4th St. between A and B). The food was delish but it was really a treat getting to hang out with Andy and Dave again after so long. We spent most of our time catching up on what's been going on and had a really nice dinner together. The four of us decided to call it an early night so we all went home ... where David and I retired to the couch for some nice alone time.

The weather outside is so perfect, I think David and I are going to enjoy some of the city before we have our date night tonight. David made us reservations at one of our fave restaurants ... so I'm really looking forward to that.

I hope all y'all are enjoying this lazy Memorial Day weekend ... things seems so quiet everywhere ... maybe the goss gods are telling us to take a break for a few days ;)