Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Promo Preshow

In addition to various vid clips from the upcoming episode, CBS has also released one final promo pic from Britney Spears's guest stint on the season finale of How I Met Your Mother which airs on Monday night. Here is a very cute pic of Britney Spears (Abbie) and Neil Patrick Harris (Barney) on the set of the show:

It's unclear if Britney's second guest stint in 2 months will be able to generate the boffo ratings that her first guest stint did but I'm sure her appearance will bring more viewers to the season finale. In the preview clips that have been able to see, Barney proposes marriage to Abbie ... who appears to still be in love with Ted. However will this drama resolve itself? I guess we'll have to tune in Monday night to find out. [Source]